Travelling // Ticho Chocolaterie in Yerseke, Zeeland

Are you planning to visit Zeeland? Be sure to include Ticho Chocolaterie. A must-stop boutique for chocolate treats and the best place for coffee and cakes.

coffee and cake
Enjoying coffee and cake at Ticho Chocolaterie in Yerseke, Zeeland

Hidden gem of pure chocolate delight

When we go on a car trip, our first stop is always for coffee and cakes. While driving through Zeeland (a province in the south-west of the Netherlands), we stopped at Ticho Chocolaterie in Yerseke. A true hidden gem of pure chocolate delight.
The gorgeous chocolate gifts are also available online in the webshop of Ticho Chocolaterie.

Chocolaterie boutique interior
Interior of Ticho Chocolaterie in Yerseke
Ticho Chocolaterie gift shop
A fabulous collection of delicious chocolate gifts
Ticho Chocolaterie bonbons
Handcrafted luxury chocolate bonbons
Ticho Chocolaterie Noordzandstraat 6
Ticho Chocolaterie, Noordzandstraat 6 in Yerseke

Strolling through Yerseke

The mussel and oyster town of Zeeland

St Odulphus church
St. Odulphus church in Yerseke
oyster pits
Oyster pits in Yerseke
Yerseke harbour
Yerseke Harbour
Yerseke harbour
Yerseke Harbour

More locations we visited in Zeeland, The Netherlands // September 2020

Gasthuiskerk church

Zierikzee, a small harbour town in Zeeland

With its many impressive historic buildings, Zierikzee is in the top 10 of monumental towns of the Netherlands. A perfect town for a stroll through history.
dramatic sky above dunes

Feel the ferocious waves of the North Sea

How I love to watch and listen to the waves of the North Sea when visiting the extensive beach at Vrouwenpolder in Zeeland during a spell of bad weather.