Travelling // Feel the ferocious waves of the North Sea

How I love to watch and listen to the waves of the North Sea when visiting the extensive beach at Vrouwenpolder in Zeeland during a spell of bad weather.

The extensive sandy beach at Vrouwenpolder, Zeeland.

Catching a breath of fresh air

After our visit to Yerseke, we drove to the Noordzeestrand, an extensive sandy beach at Vrouwenpolder. It is a magnicient location to catch a breath of fresh air while watching the clouds go by in the ever-changing, dramatic sky above the North Sea.

dramatic sky above dunes
Neeltje Jans behind the dunes of Vrouwenpolder.

A visit to Zeeland is incomplete, if …

Despite it was raining sideways, we decided to take a nice walk along the beach. Because you haven’t seen Zeeland, if haven’t ‘touched’ the North Sea.

Ray walking at Noordzeestrand
Walking at the Noordzeestrand near Vrouwenpolder.

The strong force of the waves is absolutely fascinating

I didn’t mind being soaked through within seconds. I love to be at a beach during stormy weather and high winds. It is awesome to watch the extreme waves violently crashing on the shore line.

More locations we visited in Zeeland, The Netherlands // September 2020

Gasthuiskerk church

Zierikzee, a small harbour town in Zeeland

With its many impressive historic buildings, Zierikzee is in the top 10 of monumental towns of the Netherlands. A perfect town for a stroll through history.
coffee and cake

Ticho Chocolaterie in Yerseke, Zeeland

Are you planning to visit Zeeland? Be sure to include Ticho Chocolaterie. A must-stop boutique for chocolate treats and the best place for coffee and cakes.