Travel journal of Irèn Nooren

Now and then I like to escape everyday life for a while and travel to new destinations, historic towns or any place that stir my imagination and curiosity.

purple thistle flower close-up

travelling // Capturing flowers in The Miracle Garden, Amsterdam

I prefer to avoid Amsterdam. It is way too crowded and too touristy. However after seeing the Instagram posts of The Miracle Garden I changed my mind.

plate, saucer and cup with roses

travelling // High tea at ‘t Buiten Huys near Breda

Hidden in the woods of Rijsbergen – a five minute drive from Breda – you find ‘t Buiten Huys, an ideal place for a leisurely high tea or a luxurious lunch.

Gate with plenty of green trees

travelling // Getting inspired at Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao

Plantation house Landhuis Bloemhof offers a unique blend of art, nature and history of Curaçao. It is a vibrant meeting place for visual artists and art lovers.

Lunchroom Number Ten

travelling // Coffee & cakes at Number Ten in Curaçao

Next to Landhuis Bloemhof you find Number Ten (Santa Rosaweg 10). A great place for freshly brewed drinks and delicious home-made buns, cakes and pastries.


travelling // Hofi Cas Cora Veggie lunch on Curaçao

The aim of Hofi Cas Cora to raise awareness on local produce consumption, really speaks to me. It is a perfect location to get a delicious and healthy lunch.

silhouette on a beach

travelling // Relaxing on CasAbou Beach, Curaçao

If you are looking for a beach in Curaçao with crystal clear waters, palm trees with coconuts and palapas for shade, CasAbou Beach is where you should go.

Salt marshes hiking

travelling // Hiking through the salt pans of Jan Kok, Curaçao

The area of the former plantations Jan Kok and Rif St. Marie features various hiking trails around the Saliña (saltpan) that are great for all skill levels.

Gasthuiskerk church

travelling // Zierikzee, a small harbour town in Zeeland

With its many impressive historic buildings, Zierikzee is in the top 10 of monumental towns of the Netherlands. A perfect town for a stroll through history.

dramatic sky above dunes

travelling // Feel the ferocious waves of the North Sea

How I love to watch and listen to the waves of the North Sea when visiting the extensive beach at Vrouwenpolder in Zeeland during a spell of bad weather.

coffee and cake

travelling // Ticho Chocolaterie in Yerseke, Zeeland

Are you planning to visit Zeeland? Be sure to include Ticho Chocolaterie. A must-stop boutique for chocolate treats and the best place for coffee and cakes.