Handmade textile products // Weaving with fabric strips

When I think about kindergarten, I remember having fun with weaving colourful paper strips. I used this easy-to-do technique to create a unique pillow cover.

fabric weaved pillow case
Finished: a unique pillow case of weaved fabric strips.

Kindergarden fun: weaving with paper or fabric strips

Weaving with paper or fabric strips is a perfect activity for small childeren. It is easy to do and it can be done with a few materials and little set up.
However also adults can have fun with this weaving technique. To create a unique, fabric weaved pillow cover, I took handdyed cotton fabric with a plain-weave, cut slits about 4cm apart across the selvedge of the fabric and ripped the fabric from each slit into wide strips. After weaving the strips I used a sewing machine to fasten the pattern.

Materials for fabric weaving
Materials and tools for fabric weaving: fabric strips, sewing pins and a sewing machine.
Fabric weaving with sewing pins
Fabric weaving: pinning the ends with sewing pins.
Work in progress: fabric weaving
Work in progress: fabric weaving.
Fabric weaving closeup
Close up of fabric weaving. I like the rough edges of the fabric strips.