Art topic: Colours

Watercolour sketch of frangipani

sketchbook // Watercolour sketch of a frangipani

Sketch of a frangipani (plumeria) flower // Mixed materials: Watercolours and black gel pen // Created during a drawing challenge in November 2019

Garden with washing line

sketchbook // Garden with washing line

Inspired by Van Gogh: Garden with washing line // Colour marker drawing // Created in spring 1993

Drawing Lagun Bay in Curacao 1990

sketchbook // Lagun Bay, Curaçao

Inspired by Van Gogh: Lagun Bay, Curacao // Colour marker drawing // Created in 1990

Watching a sailing boat

sketchbook // Watching a sailing boat go by

Inspired by Van Gogh: Watching a sailing boat go by // Colour marker drawing // 1989

Inspired by Van Gogh

sketchbook // Rocky coast, Malta

Inspired by Van Gogh: Rocky coast, Malta // Colour marker drawing // 1988

Night in Djerba Tunisia

sketchbook // Night in Djerba

Inspired by Van Gogh: Night in Djerba, Tunisia // Colour marker drawing // 1988