Painting // Wood panel // Rose on plaid background

Second wood panel painting with Creall pearl mix and poster paint to create a 15th-century look and feel.

Why I chose to use mixed materials

In February I started a wood panel painting with a 15th-century look and feel. I used gold acrylic paint and poster paint to mimic the gold leaf gilding. By sanding the panel, it got an old vintage, distressed look. This time I used the same techniques. However the image of the painting will be more decorative.

Materials I used

  • Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint 802 Gold Light;
  • Talens School colour (poster paint) White;
  • Creall Dacta colour poster paint 10 Primary Blue;
  • Creall Dacta colour poster paint 08 Cyclamen;
  • Creall pearl mix (pearly medium);
  • Talens Amsterdam acrylic picture varnish 115 mat.

Working process // Wood panel painting // Rose on plaid background

woodpanel goldenpaint pearlmix
Step 1: applying several layers of gold acrylic paint mixed with pearl mix.
woodpanel primary blue posterpaint
Step 2: applying a mixture of primary blue poster paint and pearl mix.
woodpanel background cyclamen
Step 3: applying a second layer: a mixture of cyclamen poster paint and pearl mix.
wood panel golden background
Step 4: Overpainting the plaid background with gold-coloured acrylic paint.