Painting // Fabric // Pink Rose

Creating a pink rose on 100% cotton unbleached fabric with posterpaint and textile medium.

Fabric painting with Creall tex mix, and poster paint

I love to paint on fabrics and turn these fabrics into bags, dresses and bed linen. Most time I stick with patterns with stripes and plaids. This time I wanted to create a painting of pink rose.

Materials I used

  • Creall Dacta colour poster paint 08 Cyclamen;
  • Royal Talens school colour (poster paint) 502 Deep Blue;
  • Creall tex mix (textile medium);
  • Talens Decorfin textile transparent colour 620 Olive Green

Working process // Fabric painting // Pink Rose

Fabric Painting Rose Pink drawing
Step 1: drawing a rose with ballpoint pen on a 100% cotton unbleached fabric that has been dyed with blue poster paint.
Fabric Painting Rose Pink first-layer
Step 2: applying the first layer of pink poster paint mixed with textile medium.
Fabric Painting Rose Pink with blue strokes
Step 3: adding strokes with deep blue poster paint mixed with textile medium and colouring the leaves with olive green textile paint.
Fabric Painting Rose Pink iron
Step 4: after applying paint, I ironed the dry painting to fix the colours to the fabric.
Pink Rose painted on fabric
Pink Rose painted with poster paint and textile medium on fabric – before washing.