Design // Behind the scenes video // Mireille’s Dress

From unbleached cotton to handpainted dress, creating this dress was a lot of work. I made a ‘behind the scenes’ video to showcase the process of creation.

Creation process of Mireille’s Dress

After 9 months, 3 prototypes, several dyes and stamping experiments, I proudly presented the ‘meeting mr Darcy dress’: with prints of stripes, plaids, roses, and dots. However when I published the photos of the finished dress, I didn’t feel that those photos made my statement against fast fashion clear. I hope by making this video, that is more obvious that it is all about love for handmade products and for the process of creation.

The video was created with Adobe After Effects. The fonts used in the video are handdrawn and created with Adobe Illustrator and FontForge.

Special thanks to Mireille & Jenny
Music © Winston Hunte

Mireille showing a handmadedress at Wallsteijn Estate
Mireille showing a handmade dress at Wallsteijn Estate // More photos of the dress