Design // Wall tapestry printed with a Corn daisy

While searching for a way to create a wall decoration, I looked at various media: canvas printing, wood printing… I decided to go for tapestry printing.

Corn daisy printed on a wall tapestry
Our livingroom with a wall tapestry with the Corn daisy design printed by

Corn daisy or Corn marigold

Latin name: Glebionis segetum

Known as Gelbe Wucherblume (German: yellow rampant flower) or Souci des blés (French: concern for farm fields), this majestic flower used to be aggressively and a hard to remove weed on farm fields. Nowadays the corn marigold is one of the rare wheat field flowers.

Illustration of a Corn daisy
Hand-drawn Corn daisy, coloured by hand and in Adobe Photoshop.
Photo of a Corn daisy
The photo of a Corn daisy, that inspired me to draw this majestic flower.