Design // Postcards from Curaçao

Publishing and designing unusual postcards with a pixel perfect photo of a picture perfect tropical beach.

Unusual, sunny postcards with a twist

My graphic design studio Memento Vivi started publishing unusual postcards in 2003. Till 2011 plenty tourists surprised family and friends with postcards with messages like “When am I coming back? … when Curaçao freezes over!”

Postcards from Curacao 2003
First edition of the postcards from Curaçao // 2003

From Curaçao with love

These postcards were a real Curaçao product: created and printed in Curaçao.

flat unfinished sheet postcards
Flat unfinished sheet with printer’s marks // 2004

Postcards of a picture perfect tropical island

Of course, while staying on Curaçao, the most stunning island ever, you would like to share your holiday fun with your friends back home.

boxes with postcards // 2007
More than 75.000 postcards were sold between 2003 and 2011.

Don’t send these postcards to your friends!

However, are you bold enough to send them a postcard with a pixel perfect photo of a picture perfect tropical beach and a cheeky one-liner. It is not that you delight in other people’s misfortunes, do you ;)
The postcards of Memento Vivi are only available in Curaçao (so your friends can’t take revenge).

Postcards at supermarket Centrum Mahaai
Postcards available at supermarket Centrum Mahaai // 2007

Portfolio // Postcards from Curaçao

Postcard from Curacao 2003 // I am busy
Postcard from Curaçao 2003 // Being busy
Postcard from Curacao 2003 // Iguana
Postcard from Curaçao 2003 // Iguana
Postcard from Curacao 2003 // Handelskade
Postcard from Curaçao 2003 // Handelskade
Postcard from Curacao 2003 // Beach
Postcard from Curaçao 2003 // Tropical beach
Postcard from Curacao 2003 // Sunset
Postcard from Curaçao 2003 // Sunset

Colophon Curaçao postcards

Graphic design + photography + copy writing by Irèn Nooren
Printed by Van Haaren Printers in Curaçao
Used font: Trebuchet MS // designed by Vincent Connare