Design // Curaçao Calendar 2010

A spiral-bound desktop calendar with colourful photos of 12 locations on Curaçao

A handy desk calendar, created to bring Curaçao on your desk

Published by Memento Vivi _ graphic design studio

My graphic design studio Memento Vivi started publishing Curaçao Calendars in 2004. Each year I created a spiral-bound desktop calendar, which was sold in souvenir shops on Curaçao and via, my webshop with Curaçao books and products.

Curacao Calendar 2010 at Art of Africa Shop
Curacao Calendar 2010 Available at the Art of Africa Shop

From Curaçao with love

Created and printed in Curaçao

A spiral-bound desktop calendar 2010 with colourful photographs of twelve locations on Curaçao.
Photography + copy writing by Irèn Nooren.
Printed on Curaçao by Van Haaren Printers.

Portfolio // Curaçao Calendar 2010

Curacao Calendar 2010 frontpage
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // Frontpage
Information products Memento Vivi
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // Information page with photos of products created by Memento Vivi
Calendar 2010 January Wet & Wild
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // January page with photos of Seaquarium Beach
backside of January page
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // backside of January page
Calendar 2010 February Aloe Vera
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // February page with photos of Aloe Vera Plantation
Calendar 2010 March Porto Mari
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // March page with photos of Porto Mari
Calendar 2010 April Hato plains
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // April page with photos of Hato plains
Calendar 2010 May Piscadera Bay
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // May page with photos of Piscadera Bay
Calendar 2010 June Santu Pretu
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // June page with photos of Watamula
backside of June page
Curaçao Calendar // backside of June page
Calendar 2010 July Jan Kock
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // July page with photos of Jan Kock
backside of July page
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // backside of July page
Calendar 2010 August Punda
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // August page with photos of Punda
Calendar 2010 September Dinah Veeris
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // September page with photos of the garden of Dinah Veeris
Calendar 2010 October Blue room
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // October page: Visiting the Blue room with Captain Goodlife
Calendar 2010 November Caracasbaai
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // November page with photos of Caracasbaai
November 2010 back side
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // backside of November page
Calendar 2010 December Playa Kenepa
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // December page with photos of Playa Kenepa
Colophon page
Curaçao Calendar 2010 // Colophon page

Colophon Curaçao Calendar 2010

Graphic design + photography by Irèn Nooren
Printed by Van Haaren Printers in Curaçao
Used font: Georgia // designed by Matthew Carter