Design type: Illustration design

drawing of a fairy

design // Dream catcher, colourful drawings of a fairy

De Dromenvangster (dream catcher) is a short story, written in Dutch by Curaçao author Elodie Heloise, about an adorable fairy who helps to transform dreams.

Illustration of Emma

design // Emma, Muse of Design Thinking

Inspired by the illustrations of Alphonse Mucha, I created my own muse, Emma. Emma helps me to bring a sense of blooming into visual design since 2002.

christmas cards

design // Christmas designs and participating in KerstCreatieRoute 2020

Since 2016 I am one of the volunteers of the foundation that builds a nativity scene in village centre of Princenhage and organises a Christmas art event.

2 school children showing picture book Piskechi

design // Piskechi, a colourful picture book

Illustrating a Papiamentu children’s picture book about a little angelfish Piskechi that travels back to Curaçao.

mockingbird nest

design // Children’s picturebook about a Curaçao mockingbird

Creating illustrations for a Papiamentu children’s picture book about a mockingbird in Curaçao