My design style

Drawing and photographing flowers; creating patterns with checks, plaids, stripes and dots; and using lots of pastel colours.

Designing products like hand made dresses, hand made bags and printed greeting cards

woodpanel background cyclamen
Designing a greeting card in 2020
Handmade and handpainted dress
Hand-made and hand-painted dress in 2016
handmade hand bag
Hand-painted and hand-made handbag in 2015
Postcards from Curacao 2003
Postcards of Curaçao, published in 2003

Photographing spring blossoms

spring blossoms

Creating patterns with checks, plaids, stripes and dots

pattern stripes purple
pattern plaids green
pattern checks blue
pattern dots pink

Drawing flowers

flower oleander
flower zigzag clover
flower ruellia
flower grape hyacinth
flower corn marigold
flower plumeless thistle
flower golden crocus
flower flatweed
flower harebell
flower poppy
corn flower
flower daisy

My favourite fonts

Font Frederika the Great
Font Frederika the Great // Designed by Crystal Kluge
Font Signika Negative
Font Signika Negative // Designed by Anna Giedryś
Font Jane Austen
Font Jane Austen // Designed by Pia Frauss
Font Marcelle Script
Font Marcelle Script // Designed by StereoType