Voedselbos Brievengat | Visiting an inspirational project in Curaçao

I support this project wholeheartedly. It not only provides food and fun for the neighbourhood of Brievengat, but it also offers an opportunity to connect.

sign with a text hanging on a tree
Translation of the sign: there is enough for everyone’s needs.

Volunteers from the local community are encouraged to participate in maintaining food forests together. It is called a food forest because it produces highly nutritious and healthy food in a forest-like system with a high diversity of plants.
The food forrests in Curaçao are developed by the non-profit organization Orenda in Curaçao.

shrubs, plants and trees
Voedselbos uses syntropic agroforestry, a regenerative agriculture method.
wooden house with sign Samyama Aviso
Voedselbos is initiated by Benjamin Visser of Samyama Aviso.
information sign at a tree
One of the goals of Voedselbos is to educate.
4 people talking
Ray talking to the volunteers of Voedselbos.
tree with 4 papaya
Papaya growing at a tree.
man working with plants
Volunteer working at Voedselbos.
flower with small fruits and red flowers
Bellyache Bush | Fliara (Papiamentu) | Jatropha Gossypiifolia.
Mulberry - a green fruit
Mulberry | Noni (Papiamentu) | Morinda Citrifolia.
shrubs with purple flowers
Blue Porterweed | Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis.
palmated leaf of cassave
Palmated leaf of Cassava | Yuca (Papiamentu) | Manihot Esculenta.
lady fingers fruit
Lady fingers or Okra | Jambo (Papiamentu) | Abelmoschus Esculentus.
orange butterfly at green leaves
Butterfly, probably an Agraulis Vanillae or a Dione Vanillae.