The artwork of Studio Noors shares a story of family ties and homeliness

Studio Noors is founded by Dutch designer and illustrator Noortje Nieuwkoop. Besides pretty postcards Studio Noors designs extraordinary crockery and T-shirts.

Dutch postcards Studio Noors
Postcards created by Dutch designer Studio Noors.

Handmade crockery and family stories

The postcard with the girl sitting at a table and looking out of the window, is my favourite one. The drawing tells me a fascinating story of some one impatiently waiting for the arrival of something or someone. It is a story of hope and expectations. It reminds me of family visits in my childhood days.

Studio Noors knows how to tell family stories. Especially in the illustrations placed on her handmade crockery. Check out her website Studio Noors (website is in Dutch) to see her extraordinary crockery and T-shirts.