How Elodie Heloise expresses her dismay at plastic pollution

Besides sharing her amazing stories, writer Elodie Heloise creates colourful assemblage artworks of collected plastic waste washed up on the beaches of Curaçao.

Plastic beach in Curaçao © Elodie Heloise

The shocking sea of plastic pollution

Now and then I am upset with the ‘world’. Especially when I am confronted with careless thrown away cups, bottles, plastic disposables and rubbish during a walk through nature. Once I believed in a life of abundance and that the horn of plenty could never be emptied. Now I believe I am drowning in a plastic sea of abundance.

Artwork of clourful plastic
Artwork created of waste objects found at the plastic polluted beaches in Curaçao © Elodie Heloise

The result of mass production: waste

As a visual artist I would like to save the world from drowning and make a strong statement against mass production. I just can’t seem to find a way to do so. I guess my wish to escape reality is always greater than to show the ugliness of mass production. However I know some one who found a way: Elodie Heloise.

Backyard with snow and artwork
Thanks to Elodie Heloise’s artwork, there are some Caribbean colours in our backyard.

Creating colourful ‘objet trouvé’ art

By using waste objects found at the plastic polluted beaches of Curaçao, Elodie Heloise, not only creates colourful assemblage works of art, but she also draws attention to our huge plastic waste problem. Like she often does in her stories, she knows how to take something really ugly and transform it in something charming and agreeable to look at.