WordCamp Utrecht 2018

WordCamp Utrecht took place on the weekend of October 26 till 28, 2018 at Seats2meet in the Hoog Catharijne shopping center. I attended as a volunteer.

Selfie at WordCamp Utrecht 2018
Selfie at WordCamp Utrecht 2018.

WordCamp Utrecht 2018

It was an amazing event where I met the WordPress community in person for the first time.
I have learned many new things about WordPress and web development. I met many interesting people. Especially on the Community Day. I signed up as a SponsorFox at the SponsorScavengerHunt. It was so much fun to do.

Huge thanks to the organisers, sponsors and speakers of WordCamp Utrecht 2018 and a special thank you to Yvette Sonneveld who introduced me to WordCamp.

Photos of SponsorScavengerHunt of WordCamp Utrecht 2018

Selfie of a team 1 that found the 'foxes' in a restaurant.
Team 1 found Paula and me, having coffee at a restaurant.
Selfie of a team 2 that found the 'foxes' on a square in Utrecht
Team 2 found Paula and me soon after that.
Selfie of a team 3 that found the 'foxes' in a street
Team 1 found Paula and me just before the end of the game.