WordCamp Rotterdam 2019

In 2018 I volunteered at a WordCamp for the first time. Because it was so much fun, I was thrilled for the opportunity to volunteer again at WordCamp Rotterdam.

Badge, T-shirt and notes of WordCamp Rotterdam 2019
My badge, T-shirts and lots of notes.

The Day After

  • 1 snow white T-shirt;
  • 1 badge with my name on it;
  • 10 talks attended;
  • 15 pages with notes;
  • 14.617 steps taken
    I walked back from BlueCity – the venue where WordCamp Rotterdam was held – to the Central Station of Rotterdam to collect my thoughts. I heard so much new awesome stuff and met so many wonderful people.
  • 2.976 calories burnt.

Huge thanks to the organisers, sponsors and speakers of WordCamp Rotterdam 2019.