I just did my first 10k running event!

In 2016 I downloaded the app Start2Run with Evy Gruyaert. After 1,5 year running 2-3 times a week, I managed to complete the first lesson of the app :(

Taking a selfie at ‘my’ finish line // The Singelloop Breda 10K Run.

From Start2Run to participate in a running event

I started running to get my asthma under control. I had a hard time doing the Start2Run lessons. However, when I was running, I could breathe freely. That’s why I kept trying.
To keep me motivated, I set a goal to participate in ‘De 5 van het Aogje’ – a local running event in Princenhage – before my 50th birthday (December 2020). Because of physical problems, I could not participate before. This year I was fit to run, but the event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

My running shirt and personalized race number // The Singelloop Breda 10K Run.

The Alternative Singelloop Breda 2020

Thanks to the volunteers of The Bredase Singelloop Foundation, I was able to participate in a local running event before becoming fifty years old.
The Alternative Singelloop Breda 2020 was a bit different. Instead of running a trail along the historic canals (singels) of Breda, participants could run anywhere in the world. The organisation provided a GPS tracking app to register the distance and split times for the rankings.

My 2020 medal // The Singelloop Breda 10K Run.

Setting a new personal record

Although I have been practising for 4 years now, I still am not a fast runner. Last week I did my best run ever: 10K in about 1h15min. I did not expected to set a new personal record today. But I did. According to the GPS tracking app, I run 10K in 1h10m57s :)